Three Ways to Fill Your Light Industrial Openings Faster

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As demand for light industrial labor increases, manufacturing companies must take an innovative approach with their hiring processes. This involves revisiting current recruitment procedures and making adjustments to improve efficiencies as they relate to job application systems. Hiring managers who are equipped with the knowledge and tools to fill jobs will be most successful at recruiting the best and brightest candidates to their organizations.

Here are three practices to start filling your light industrial openings faster.

Provide Better Access

One of the biggest barriers to faster hiring is a poorly functioning job application platform. How can you expect to receive high-quality applicants if you make it difficult for them to apply to your organization? Start re-evaluating your current job board platform by ensuring that candidates have easy access to your application system. Does your website have a “job search” button that is easily visible to users of your website? Does your application system run smoothly or are there too many steps for candidates to follow? Do you readily promote job openings on your website homepage and social media channels?

Improving access through various communications channels will increase traffic to your job postings and make it easier for candidates to apply.

Engage With Job Seekers

With so many social media platforms and networking opportunities, there’s no excuse not to actively engage with job seekers on a regular basis. In today’s competitive workforce, it’s no longer enough to simply promote a job and hope candidates apply. Hiring managers must actively engage with candidates, whether in person at industry job fairs and networking events or through digital channels like email and social media. Through targeted engagement with top light industrial workers, it will be easier to reach individuals specifically seeking light industrial jobs and get them acclimated with your organization.

Develop a Strategic Staffing Partnership

There’s no denying the hiring process can be extremely time-consuming, often requiring significant amounts of time and resources. There are many benefits to exploring a partnership with a trusted staffing agency which can help you better streamline your hiring process. A staffing partner can drive a steady flow of high-quality candidates to your organization, as well as assist in screening and interviewing applicants. Building a staffing partnership can also be extremely valuable in filling unexpected vacancies. Staffing agencies have access to many potential candidates ready to work quickly through their vast networks.

Fill Light Industrial Job Openings Faster

The world of workforce development becomes increasingly fast-paced. Using the techniques above will help you fill positions with the right candidates more efficiently and effectively – ultimately benefiting your bottom line. Are you looking for an experienced staffing company in Western New York or Atlanta? The team at Durham Staffing has 50 years of experience to put to work for your business.


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