Why Should You Take on a Second-Shift Job?

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Are you currently working a full-time job, but would like to earn some extra money this summer? Maybe you’ve been actively seeking a new job with little success.

Believe it or not, there are many employment opportunities for second-shift positions, known as jobs with shifts usually spanning from 3 to 11 p.m. Second-shift jobs present a great alternative for individuals seeking employment that will afford them competitive pay and a better work-life balance.

Here are a few reasons to consider a second-shift job this summer.

1. Higher-than-average pay.

On average, you’ll make a higher hourly rate working a second-shift job than you would working a typical day shift. Because there is greater demand for second-shift candidates, most employers are willing to pay a higher hourly rate to attract top talent. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), most companies with multiple shifts pay premiums to employees working second or third shifts, as well as holidays, in an effort to fill undesirable shifts.

2. Scheduling flexibility.

For workers with children or aging parents, working in first shift can create significant challenges in managing personal commitments. If your partner works during normal business hours, a second-shift job can relieve you of some of the expenses of childcare or nursing costs for elderly parents. Most importantly, it can afford you more flexibility and time to spend with your family during the day, improving your work-life balance.

3. More job prospects.

If you’re open to working in a variety of industries, second-shift jobs are available in many different fields. Applying to second-shift jobs will expand your breadth of employment opportunities, helping you land a new job sooner. And, if your end goal is to land a first-shift job, working a second-shift job can help you get acclimated to a new company, earn seniority and eventually land your preferred shift.

These are just some of the many benefits of second-shift jobs! If you’re ready to take on a second-shift job this summer, get in touch with the team at Durham Staffing. Over 50 Years of Excellence, Durham Staffing has the expertise to put job seekers in Western New York and Atlanta to work.


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