How to Quantify Your Work Experience, Regardless of Industry

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In a competitive job market, candidates are often tasked with showcasing the value they’ve added to companies in their past employment. In addition to exemplifying a strong degree of professionalism and soft skills, candidates must effectively quantify their accomplishments to present a full picture of their abilities to potential employers.

Articulate Your Duties and Relevant Results

In order to stand out among the competition, it’s important that employers have a sense of your accomplishments, specifically as they relate to past work environments. To start, you’ll want to articulate your performance in terms of frequency in which you conducted certain tasks. Examples of this may include calculating how many employees you trained or how many sales calls you made in a given time period.

Through showing the frequency of your achievements, you’ll convey to employers your ability to consistently perform at a high level and deliver results in your workplace. These numbers can be powerful in showing a commitment to your job and endurance to excel in your given role.

Keep the Bottom Line in Mind

It’s always critical to think about the bottom-line value you are adding in your work. At the end of the day, every organization operates to make a profit and relies on its employees to help it do so. As you quantify your achievements, it’s important to make the connection as to how your work impacted your former employers’ bottom lines.

For example, did you implement a new process or procedure that saved the company money? Did you negotiate a discount with a supplier on behalf of your employer? Regardless of how big or small the impact of your work may have seemed, these types of things made a difference to the company’s bottom line and will be perceived as impressive to a new employer.

Think About the Value You Can Provide Your Next Employer!

No matter what type of job you’re looking for, quantifying and communicating your achievements will be essential in helping you distinguish yourself as a candidate and shine above the competition. By putting some thought into this process, you’ll get more attention from potential employers during your job search!

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