Optimize Your Healthcare Staffing Strategy in Three Steps

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In today’s competitive workforce, it can be difficult finding highly qualified healthcare talent for your organization. Staffing for healthcare positions in particular can have some unique challenges. With healthcare jobs being specialized in nature, it can be difficult to find candidates with both the hard skills and soft skills required to excel within your organization. Fortunately, with the right staffing strategy, you can be proactive in fulfilling healthcare hiring needs and developing a fluid pipeline of qualified candidates.

Whether your healthcare staffing strategy needs a complete revamp or just a little adjusting, check out this three-step process that can help you reach your staffing goals.

1. Determine short-term and long-term hiring needs.

In healthcare, its normal for labor demands to change over time and for unexpected vacancies to evolve. A significant part of determining hiring needs involves reviewing labor costs and identifying positions that can be cost-effectively filled with temp workers, rather than full-time salaried employees.  Reviewing every department of your healthcare facility will allow you to determine which positions should be filled with permanent, full-time employees, as well as jobs that simply require short-term labor. For example, if you’re expanding a certain medical unit, it may be necessary to employ some extra temporary workers until your current full-time employees get up to speed with the changes.

2. Measure employee productivity.

Reviewing employee productivity is a critical step in any staffing strategy implementation. Using data from performance analytics software can help you determine which departments of your organization need more help and which ones are overstaffed. It can also help you identify which types of positions and skills are needed, such as more clerical support. Regularly measuring employee productivity in conjunction to patient care and financial performance will help you adjust your staffing levels as needed and ensure your employees are equipped to work at their greatest capacities.

3. Invest in a staffing partnership.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to optimize your healthcare staffing needs is by investing in a strategic staffing partnership. By using a trusted staffing agency, you’ll develop access to a vast pool of talented candidates who can fill a variety of healthcare positions as needed. You’ll also cut down on hiring costs, as your staffing agency will facilitate much of the pre-screening and interview process with potential candidates, so your hiring team can focus on other important tasks.

By taking an inventory of your staffing needs with the tips above, you’ll optimize your healthcare recruitment while saving your organization significant time and money throughout the hiring process. Is your organization in need of new healthcare talent? Learn about the many benefits of a partnership with Durham Staffing, a temporary employment agency based in Buffalo, NY.