Three Ways to Prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries

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Manufacturing environments can inevitably be labor-intensive workplaces, putting employees at risk of both minor and serious injuries on the job. As a manager of employees working in a manufacturing or warehouse setting, it’s critical you’re proactive in preventing workplace injuries that can potentially become bigger problems for your business.

Repetitive stress injuries are injuries sustained over an extended period of time, usually by doing the same task repeatedly for months or even years. Unfortunately, multiple cases of repetitive injuries in your workplace can lead to significant problems for your organization’s reputation – and bottom line. Here are some ways you can prevent repetitive strain injuries in your employees.

Diversify Workplace Tasks

It’s common sense that employees who are forced to do the same manual task over and over again – such as operating a piece of machinery or working an assembly line – will be more likely to sustain a repetitive stress injury. Diversifying workplace tasks is one of the easiest ways to prevent injury and give your employees a variety of responsibilities on the job. It will also expose them to many facets of your manufacturing floor, making them multiskilled and able to take on many roles.

Provide Ergonomic Work Conditions

If your employees are required to sit or stand for several hours at a time, it’s imperative you provide the best ergonomic work conditions. For example, this may involve providing a standing desk, a standing mat or a raised computer stand. For most jobs, it’s required by federal law employees are provided with the appropriate physical conditioning for the type of work they’re performing.

Require Employees to Take Frequent Breaks

Often, repetitive stress injuries occur when employees neglect taking breaks away from their workstations. Requiring employees to take their allotted 15-minute breaks, as well as their lunch breaks, is essential for promoting health and well-being in the workplace and giving your workers a chance to stretch stiff muscles and reenergize. These breaks will make your employees more productive and give them a chance to relieve any pain or muscle tension they may be experiencing during their shift.

Taking the steps above to prevent workplace injuries is one of the most important choices you can make for your organization’s long-term success. And, in addition to preventing injury, your employees will be more comfortable at work – ultimately leading to improved productivity, job satisfaction and retention!

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