Reverse the Interview: Three Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

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Candidates often put so much thought into how they’re going to answer interview questions, they forget about the importance of asking the interviewer questions of their own. Part of a successful interview involves not only responding to questions to the best of your ability, but also expressing your own interest in the company and position at hand.

Preparing your own questions ahead of time will allow for you to make an accurate assessment of the company and its culture. Here are three interview questions you can ask either during or after the interview.

1. What are the day-to-day responsibilities of this job?

While you likely understand the basic nature of the position from the job description, it’s important to gain a clear picture of what will be expected of you in this role. Asking about daily tasks and responsibilities will allow you to gain clarity of the work you’d be completing on a regular basis, as well as the specific skills you must have to excel in the position.

If you discover some aspects of the job that aren’t exactly what you expected, it may be time to reassess whether the position is a fit for you and discuss this further with the interviewer.

2. What is the company culture like?

Going beyond the job itself if essential for learning about the entire scope of the opportunity. By asking the interviewer about the type of culture at the company, you’ll hopefully get a sense of the work environment you’d be part of every day. For example, does the company promote openness, collaboration and teamwork? Or do most of the employees and departments work in silos?

Learning about the culture will help you picture whether you’ll be a good fit for the company and enjoy the overall atmosphere. It will also help you determine whether the company culture aligns with your work ethic and values – both important factors related to culture fit and long-term success at an organization.

3. What is the path to advancement for someone in this role?

If your goal is to grow your career, it’s critical you understand how you would advance in the role. Asking this question will help you learn about how the company promotes from within, as well as the type of professional guidance and support given to employees. At the same time, it will also demonstrate your interest in the organization and your intention to work at the company for the long haul.

The time to ask questions of your interviewer is a chance for you to make a final good impression and make sure the job fits what you are looking for. Are you on the search for a new opportunity? Give your job search a boost with Durham Staffing, a temporary employment agency based in Buffalo, NY.

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