Three Ways to Find Skilled Trades Talent in a Labor Shortage

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As the labor shortage continues to grow with declining unemployment, organizations must find new ways to attract highly skilled trades workers to employment opportunities. Traditional hiring methods are proving to be less effective, requiring hiring managers to look beyond standard recruiting techniques and explore new avenues for finding candidates.

If you’re actively seeking trades workers to fill open positions, here are some helpful practices to make part of your recruitment strategy.

Recruit High School Graduates

With growing tuition costs at most colleges, many high school graduates are opting to work in skilled trades for competitive pay and job security. Recruiting candidates at the high-school level will help you develop relationships with potential candidates early on. Some recruitment strategies may include attending high school job fairs and career development programs, sponsoring high school athletic programs and activities and hosting an annual scholarship contest for high schools interested in pursuing trade school education. Exposing high school students to your organization will help acclimate them with your job opportunities and show them how they can grow a career in the trades sector.

Tap into Veteran Networks

After completing their service, unemployed veterans are often eager for new opportunities. Veterans are strong prospects for many trades jobs, as they have tremendous commitment and work ethic as well as the motivation and desire to learn new skills. There are many strategies you can use to recruit veterans, such as advertising your openings in local publications, establishing a veteran employment program and forming partnerships with organizations in which you can post directly to job boards.

Work with a Specialized Staffing Partner

Staffing agencies that specialize in your industry will have an extensive pipeline of qualified trades candidates readily seeking temporary and temp-to-hire positions. By developing a staffing partnership, you’ll gain access to top talent when hiring needs arise, especially during seasonal or peak times of the year. You’ll also save your organization significant time and money, as using a staffing agency will cut down on recruitment and hiring costs.

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