How to Land an Interview When You’re Not the Perfect Fit for The Job

With the job market being competitive in many industries, many candidates find themselves struggling to stand out in the crowd and effectively showcase themselves to employers. This could be a result of many factors, one of the most prevalent being lack of relevant employment experience.

If your job search is hitting a dead end, it might be time to reposition yourself and change your strategy. Here are some tips that will help you land an interview – even if you’re not an obvious fit for the job.

Highlight Your Transferable Skills

Regardless of your background or education, chances are you have at least a few transferable skills that can be applied to a new position. Customer service, strong verbal and nonverbal communication and teamwork are all transferable skills you can showcase to new employers as part of your qualifications. In addition, it’s helpful to reference situations in which you’ve applied these skills in real-life work settings to solve problems or overcome challenges. When reviewing a job description, take note of the listed requirements and reflect on times in which you’ve demonstrated these skills in past workplaces.

Utilize Your Cover Letter to the Fullest

Your cover letter is the prime opportunity to demonstrate your value to an employer in a descriptive and clear way. Rather than write a generic letter, be sure to articulate your qualifications through clear examples and descriptions. Focusing on what the employer is looking for and forming a letter that addresses these qualifications is an effective way to demonstrate not just that you’re qualified, but why you’re qualified. The more your cover letter articulates your value to employers, the more compelling it will be to the reader.

Show Enthusiasm

Employers don’t just want workers – they want individuals who are going to be excited to work with them and contribute to their mission. There are many ways to show demonstrated interest when applying to a position, so employers know you’re excited about the possibility of being part of their team. You can show enthusiasm by networking online with employees at the organization and referencing why you want to work at the company in your outreach to hiring managers. This can also be demonstrated in your cover letter, in which you can explain what makes you a fit for the company’s culture not just for a job, but for a long-term position.

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