How Can You Manage Increased Demands with Limited Resources?

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As companies of all sizes begin to take budget cuts and dial down expenses, leaders are expected to manage more tasks with reduced resources. In fact, many companies are reducing their workforces, leading to greater pressures on all departments to get more done with less support and assistance.

Fortunately, there are practices that can be implemented to help leaders manage increased demands while still fulfilling workplace obligations within a timely fashion. Here are some of the most helpful practices that can assist with this.

Set Realistic Expectations

While many leaders like to “shoot for the stars” with their goals, it’s imperative realistic expectations are set for everyone on the team. Determining what is reasonable in terms of meeting goals, as well as determining what individuals are assigned to meet them, is one of the first steps to ensuring the highest-priority projects are completed by assigned deadline. In general, it’s best to overestimate the time needed to complete a project so you exceed expectations, rather than underestimate and miss deadlines.

Setting realistic expectations will keep every person on your team on track and motivated, instead of feeling overwhelmed or burned out.

Communicate a Plan in Writing

Communicating a written plan with your staff is the best way to be proactive in addressing concerns and ironing out what needs to be accomplished. The more you can articulate your strategy with others, the easier it will be for every employee to fulfill their individual roles and understand how their jobs fit within the context of your company’s overarching mission.

The biggest reason to map out a written plan is to ensure a high degree of quality and consistency is maintained in all levels of work performance, as every person will be in the loop and know what needs to be done.

Review and Adjust Processes

If you truly want to manage more with less resources, you must evaluate what processes and procedures in your workplace need improvement. This means you must review current performance and identify opportunities to improve the way work is completed.

Where are you allocating financial resources? Would a staffing partnership allow your HR team to focus on other critical priorities? Would your company benefit from a temporary workforce during busy seasons? Asking yourself these questions as you audit your organization’s performance will allow you to implement the best solutions for your team.

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