Are Your Employees Leaving in the First 90 Days? Here’s How to Change That

durham staffing what to do when employees quit in 90 days

Starting a new job can be overwhelming for new workers, often taking a toll on their mental and physical health. Within the first couple of months of employment, it’s common for employees to either “sink or swim.” If many of your employees are leaving within the first 90 days of employment, this is a clear sign something must change. As an organization, taking steps to improve job satisfaction is critical for retaining your new hires and keeping them engaged in their work:

Communicate Openly

Maintaining clear and open lines of communication should be a core part of any employee engagement strategy. Being direct with employees about performance expectations will give them an opportunity to ask questions and have their concerns addressed before they develop poor habits on the job.

Creating a partnership between your HR department and your employees will allow for a steady stream of two-way communication in which both parties fully understand what’s expected of them, so they can resolve challenges in a timely manner.

Promote Regular Team-Building

The concept of “it takes a village” not only applies to family life, but also the workplace. A culture in which employees are encouraged to work as a team will foster meaningful exchanges of information, as every person will be able to contribute their own ideas and insights. Team building also allows for employees to develop closer bonds with one another, creating an inherent comradery.

Implementing team meetings and group projects will help your new employees feel comfortable working together and alleviate the stress of being in a new work environment.

Conduct Exit Interviews

When new employees do quit, make a point to meet with them to learn the reason for their decision. For example, were they offered higher pay somewhere else? Were they not getting along with their manager? Do they feel overworked and burned out? Discovering why your new hires leave will give your leadership team the knowledge to adjust onboarding programming and make cultural changes that will improve employee experience.

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