Make Sure You’re Avoiding These Three Common Warehouse Injuries

There’s no denying that warehouse environments can be dangerous at times, putting employees in harm’s way due to many factors. Injuries in the workplace come with the territory in any manufacturing or industrial setting. However, as an employer, it’s your responsibility to be proactive in preventing these injuries from pervading your workplace and causing harm to your employees.

Read more about three of the most common warehouse injuries – and more importantly, how to prevent them.

Muscle Strain and Overexertion

Labor demands that consist of constant operation of machinery or manual equipment can easily cause extreme muscle strain and overexertion in employees. You can prevent this type of injury by requiring employees to take their allotted breaks throughout their shifts, so they can stretch and refocus. It’s also important to establish standard operating procedures for all manual lifting jobs, in which employees are fully trained on proper protocols and can observe and learn from other workers in the process.

Trips and Falls

In any busy warehouse, it’s hard to escape the risk of injury due to falling. Requiring your employees to wear proper slip-resistant footwear on workplace grounds will give them foot support when walking on floors that may have been affected by spills or leakage.

Ongoing housekeeping also plays a role in ensuring workspaces are kept clean and spill-free. Workers should be aware of the clean-up policy, so any spills are cleaned up immediately and walkways stay free of hazardous waste.

Contact With Objects

Making sure employees are always wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential in preventing injury from falling or hanging objects. Employees should be trained to use caution when walking through workplace spaces, and always be fully equipped with the right clothing. Employees should never be sleep-deprived on the job, as extreme fatigue can result in reckless mistakes, such as failing to see a co-worker when operating a forklift.

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