Steps to a Successful Year-End Safety Audit

durham staffing year end safety audit

If you operate a fast-paced work environment, it’s fair to say evaluating safety protocols may sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Taking some time each year to address the importance of safety is critical to employee retention and organizational success.

As the year soon comes to a close, it’s time to start thinking about what your team needs to do to ensure safety issues in your workplace are addressed going into 2019.

Preparing for the Audit

Determining who will conduct the audit, as well as what will be audited, is the first step in preparation. There are a couple of options for this, as your facility can hire an external consultant that specializes in safety auditing or you can enlist a team from within your company to conduct it.

If you opt for an internal team, make sure the employees performing the audit all come from different departments at your organization, such as production, management or operations. This will allow for the most diverse perspectives and insights when evaluating current safety management practices.

Establishing Goals and Guidelines

For a safety audit to be effective, you must establish some preliminary goals and guidelines for the way it’s conducted. For example, what written plans and documents will be reviewed as part of the audit? What specific practices are going to be evaluated? What are perceived strengths and weaknesses? Determining these factors ahead of time will give the audit team a baseline for comparison as they compile their results and make assessments and recommendations for safety improvements.

Publish and Review Audit Results

An audit will have very little impact without proper review and execution of results. Publishing audit results in outlets like your company intranet or newsletter is important for informing your entire team about what improvements will take place in the new year. Posting audit results also shows your employees you value their personal safety and are committed to making changes that will improve their workplace experience.

Implementing the steps above will allow your team to start the new year with an audit that addresses safety concerns, while improving how your organization functions as a whole. The only thing left to do now is get to work!

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