Three Ways Happy Employees Improve Your Bottom Line

durham staffing happy employees improve bottom line

While employee happiness can be defined by many things, one thing’s for sure: happy employees benefit your bottom line! Happiness breeds more happiness, and that development of a positive culture influences all individuals of your organization – from your leadership team to your entry-level workers. If you’re not convinced, here are some of the biggest reasons why happy employees are good for business.

High-Quality Customer Service

When your employees exuberate happiness, their positive attitude is bound to shine through in their customer service. Employees who enjoy their jobs and come to work each day with an uplifting attitude are more motivated to engage customers, often interacting in a way that fosters meaningful, genuine relationships. It’s natural that when customers are treated with the upmost respect, they’ll develop more loyalty to your business and refer their friends and family to your products or services – leading to a direct impact on your bottom line!

Improved Performance

As one of the best productivity boosters for any company, employee happiness results in higher achieving employees who strive to perform at their greatest potential. Many studies, such as the one cited in this Forbes article, repeatedly reveal happy employees are exponentially more productive than unhappy employees. Some of the many reasons attributed to the correlation between happiness and high performance include workplace engagement and learning opportunities.

In other words, when employees are empowered to learn, grow and be challenged, they’re likely to experience greater satisfaction in their jobs – resulting in a more powerful team that propels your business to new heights.

Increased Employee Retention

Employees who enjoy their work and are happy in their roles will likely be more inclined to stay with your organization in the long-term. Any organization that experiences high employee turnover understands the costs incurred with training and developing new employees. Retaining staff inevitably reduces new employee development costs, as well as time and labor associated with finding new talent.  Furthermore, higher employee retention allows your best talent to grow along with your leadership team.

At the end of the day, happier employees make for a more thriving and productive workplace. When productivity is high, your business will experience financial gains, and most importantly, long-term growth and employee retention.

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