Is a Part-Time Evening Job Right for You?

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Are you in need of a job but feeling overwhelmed by the many commitments taking up most of your days? Whether you’re looking to acquire more employment experience or are simply in need of a supplemental income, getting a part-time evening job may be great employment option. Unfortunately, many people never stop to consider the benefits of evening shifts and how night work can allow them to earn extra money while juggling their other responsibilities!

Depending on your lifestyle and career goals, here are a few of the benefits of pursuing a part-time evening job.

Time Management

If your schedule during the day is unpredictable due to personal commitments, an evening job will allow you to maintain a steady work schedule without getting in the way of your other obligations. For example, do you care for your elderly grandparent during the day? Do you pick your kids up from school in the afternoon? These types of commitments can make it difficult to maintain a typical 9-5 job. As long as you can carve out enough time to get your rest during daytime hours, working an evening job is a great way to pursue improved work-life balance.

Higher Pay

Because most people don’t have a desire to work outside of normal business hours, employees for evening jobs are in higher demand, and therefore are offered more competitive pay. In many cases, evening jobs pay more higher hourly wages than regular daytime jobs and may even present better opportunities for holiday pay or bonuses. If you’re looking to make more money for less hours of work, an evening job may be your best bet.

More Time for Education

In many cases, people who opt for evening jobs are those who are going to school and need job flexibility. Working evening shifts allows you to go to classes during the day and earn a paycheck working nights, making it easier to pursue your education and manage your studies. Because you’ll have your entire day free, you’ll be able to focus on attending classes and completing your coursework without the demands of a day job.

If you’re in search of part-time evening employment, there are many customer service, healthcare, hospitality and manufacturing jobs available in your area! Learn about new opportunities with Durham Staffing, a temporary employment agency based in Buffalo, NY.

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