Three Skills to Seek Out in All New Hires in 2019

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If your organization needs to fill positions, your hiring team is likely searching for candidates with a specific skill set to complete certain projects, assist in seasonal needs or fill long-term, permanent roles. It’s not always easy to identify the right skills in the hiring process, but fortunately, are some universal skills you can focus on to find the right talent.

Often referred to as the “knowledge economy,” this is the idea organizations require more than technical abilities in candidates to thrive. They need workers with a diverse set of skills who can adapt easily and overcome challenges on the job. Here are some of the most important skills you should seek in candidates who will help your organization thrive in the knowledge economy.

1. Communication

No matter what types of jobs you’re hiring employees for, they must know how to communicate effectively! Chances are your employees are expected to interact with dozens of people on a daily basis, including managers, coworkers, customers and vendors. It’s imperative they speak clearly and politely to others, exemplifying professionalism under all circumstances. They should also be able to articulate their thoughts, opinions and ideas in a respectful manner as they exchange information with others in the workplace.

2. Adaptability

Long gone are the days where employees perform the same exact tasks every single day. As the workplace continues evolving, members of your team must be able to adapt to new responsibilities and acquire new skills. For example, have you recently introduced new machinery at your facility? Did you implement new technology to improve productivity? You must hire employees who are adaptable and can thrive in the midst of major changes.

3. Critical Thinking

One of the biggest differences between leaders and non-leaders is an ability to think critically on the job. Employees who are the biggest assets to their organizations are those who can solve problems and identify solutions that improve productivity and promote high morale within their workplace, as well as improve their employer’s bottom line. Finding workers with critical thinking skills will foster more growth, creativity and innovation in your workplace in which every employee is encouraged to think out-of-the-box when contributing their ideas.

In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, your organization can’t afford not to hire employees who will reach their fullest potential in the workplace. You can find top notch talent for your workforce through a staffing partnership with Durham Staffing, a temporary employment agency based in Buffalo, NY.

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