2018 Recap: Our Top Posts for Job Seekers in Western New York and Atlanta

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The new year is a great time to find a new job! As a job seeker, you may view the new year as an opportunity to improve your job search skills and make yourself a more marketable candidate. It’s also a great time to find new job opportunities you may haven’t yet considered, such as temporary or direct-to-hire employment.

Regardless of your individual career goals, there’s always something you can work on! Refresh yourself with the tips from these top five blog posts from 2018.

Why Should You Take on a Second-Shift Job?

If you hold down a full-time job you may already feel stretched too thin. However, taking on a second shift job can be an easy way to earn extra money while maintaining your full-time employment. This blog post breaks down some of the many reasons to consider a second-shift job and how it can benefit your quality of life!

Three Signs You’re Overthinking Your Next Career Move

Changing jobs or transitioning into a new industry can undoubtedly be challenging. If you’re considering different employment options, the thought of working in a new position or company can bog you down and hinder your job search. This post outlines three major signs you may be overthinking your next career move and how to navigate these common roadblocks.

How to Quantity Your Work Experience, Regardless of Industry

In today’s competitive marketplace, you can’t afford to mess around when presenting your work experience. To truly showcase your credentials, it’s best to quantify your work experience in a way that’s easy for employers to understand. This post explains specific ways in which you can quantify your experience on your resume and articulate your value.

Late for Your Interview? Take These Three Steps Immediately

We all run late sometimes. However, running late to an interview can be detrimental to your chances of getting a job. If you find yourself running late to an interview, the way in which you handle the situation could make or break your reputation in the eyes of an employer. This post explains exactly what you should do if you’re running behind to an interview.

Reverse the Interview: Three Questions to Ask Your Interviewer

Unlike what many candidates may think, job interviews are not a one-way street! The sooner you understand the importance of asking your own questions during an interview, the better off you’ll be in impressing employers. This post outlines some of the best types of questions you can ask during a job interview which will allow you to learn more about the position and demonstrate interest in the company.

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