The New Year is a Great Time to Start Job Searching!

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Have you been feeling deflated lately with your job search? With 2019 now underway, there’s no better time to refocus and re-energize. If you’ve been actively seeking a new job with no luck, the month of January may be the perfect time to refresh your efforts and apply to new opportunities in your area.

Here are some of the reasons to kick off your job search in the new year.

Time to Research and Strategize

Being strategic about your job search goes beyond simply applying to open positions that match your qualifications. Strategic job seekers maximize their job search by researching companies and organizations that align with their skills and interests. As you consider your goals for the new year, think about what type of job matches most with your career goals. This will help you determine the employers you should target in your job search, as well as help you network with hiring managers at these companies.

More New Positions Are Opening

Many companies establish budgets for the new year, which often include money set aside for the creation of new positions. This means there will likely be many jobs opening in January, as companies seek to grow their teams and fill in the gaps in their workforce. Because the economy is now on the upswing, you can expect many companies will be setting aside more money for future hires in the coming year.

Time to Prepare Application Materials

While the holidays are a busy time with family and friends, professional commitments around this time of year tend to slow down. As a job seeker, it’s wise to use the last two weeks of December to work on your resume, cover letter and application materials so you’re ready to shift into high gear starting in January. It’s also a great time to update your LinkedIn profile, as well as any other professional online platforms.

There’s No Better Time Than Today to Find a Job in Western New York and Atlanta!

Using the new year to propel you to job search success can be invigorating. By using your time and energy wisely, you’ll set yourself up for a prosperous 2019! Ready to get your job search on track? Get in touch with Durham Staffing, a temporary employment agency based in Buffalo, NY.

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