Three Qualities to Look For to Make the Right Hire

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Have you made the mistake of hiring a poor performer who just isn’t cutting it? Low-performing employees don’t just cause aggravation. They can be detrimental to your organization’s productivity, culture and bottom line.

There are many indicators you can identify in the hiring process to make sure you’re hiring the right person. If you don’t see these factors, you can recognize a person who may not be the best hire. As you seek to find the right talent for your workplace, here are three characteristics you should be looking for in candidates.

Desire to Learn and Grow

Candidates who are eager to learn and are hungry for knowledge typically make the best workers. This is because these types of employees are always seeking to improve themselves, as well be a resource to others around them. As you screen candidates, you’ll want to gauge their willingness to learn on the job and make positive contributions to their workplace through their work.

Demonstrated Interest

There are many great candidates out there, but you’ll need to asses which candidates are great for your organization’s needs. Evaluating a candidate’s interest in your organization is often indicative of how invested they will be in the position for the long haul.

For example, does the candidate follow up with a note or phone call after the interview? Did they express strong interest in your company’s culture? Are they excited about the potential opportunity to join your team? These are the types of questions every hiring team should ask during the interview process.

Employment History

While there are many reasons to look at employment history, one of the biggest reasons is to get a sense of how committed candidates have been in past positions. Frequent job-hopping or large employment gaps can be red flags that a candidate may not be loyal or fully interested in staying at your organization for long. Taking note of these signs from the start can prevent bad hiring decisions while improving employee retention. Asking about employment gaps during the interview can also be an effective way to learn more about your interviewee.

Make Sure You Can Identify the Signs of a Great Hire

If you want to reduce your number of bad hires, investing in your hiring strategy is a necessity. Keeping the factors above in mind will help your HR team recruit only the best talent on the market.

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