Stuck at a Job You Hate? Here’s How to Leave the Right Way

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Every employee has bad days, but if you’re having a bad day, every day, something must change! Though you come to a moment where you feel like storming out of your office and screaming at your boss, this will get you nowhere in your career.

When leaving any job, it’s imperative to demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism in all your actions and behavior. If you’re not happy with your position – whether it’s because of the manager, the pay or any other reason – here’s how you can leave your job in the most professional way possible.

Plan Ahead

Acting out of pure emotion and choosing to quit your job in the heat of the moment won’t serve you well on any level. Before deciding to quit, it’s important to have a new job in place – or at least some solid job prospects! Give yourself at least a month or two to update your resume and apply to jobs, as well as network and acquire professional recommendations from former supervisors or colleagues. When it comes to leaving your current position, making rash decisions is likely to leave you completely unemployed.

Give At Least Two Weeks’ Notice

To avoid burning bridges with your boss and managers, it’s in your best interest to give at least two weeks’ notice. Schedule a meeting with your boss so you can explain in person you’re leaving to pursue other professional endeavors. During this meeting, express gratitude for the opportunity to work at the company and you hope to stay in touch moving forward.

It’s best to keep your explanation brief and stay positive, even if you’re feeling combative. One way to leave on a positive note is by offering to assist in the transition period before your last day, such as training a new employee. If you have the option to stay longer than two weeks before switching jobs in order to ensure a safe turnover, it is an option worth considering.

Say Goodbye to Your Co-Workers

Even if you’re in a rush to leave and get on with your life, saying a formal goodbye to your co-workers is important for maintaining relationships – and future references! Whether it’s personalized emails or letters, or individual meetings in person, be sure to give every co-worker a personalized goodbye. For co-workers you don’t like or get along with, a simple “take care” will suffice.

Maintain Your Reputation When Taking a New Job in Buffalo

Remember, a rock-star reputation takes years to build – and only moments to destroy. Making the effort to leave your job the right way will set the stage for continued professional success in your future.

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