What Can Your Company Do to Attract Diverse Talent?

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With increasing demand for a broader range of perspectives and skills in the workplace, diverse hiring has become a widely discussed topic among leaders in all industries. In most cases, diversity means embracing seemingly non-traditional candidates and learning how their unique backgrounds, cultures and interests can be an asset to your company.

Creating a more diverse workplace should be a goal for every organization that seeks growth. Looking for assistance finding qualified employees in Western New York and Atlanta, GA? Request an employee and work with Durham Staffing in 2019.

Here are some strategies for attracting diverse talent at your organization.

Find New Talent Pools to Recruit From

Sometimes to find diversity, you must look in different places. This may involve adjusting your recruitment approach and seeking candidates through specific channels, such as veterans’ groups or women’s networking groups. Diverse hiring requires your HR team to think “outside the box” and be holistic in their screening process, looking at what every candidate can bring to the table, regardless of age, gender, race or background.

Write Inclusive Job Descriptions

Using inclusive language in your job descriptions that isn’t gender-biased can make a big difference in generating attention from nontraditional candidates. This means avoiding words that are often perceived as masculine or feminine, such as “competitive” or “supportive,” and instead using universal language to describe your company, such as “innovative” or “visionary.” Doing this allows you to connect your company’s values to the job itself.

Convey Your Mission

Showcase your company’s mission through your website, social media channels and other online channels. Drawing on your mission will humanize your company and allow applicants from all types of backgrounds and cultures understand what your organization truly stands for. Making sure your mission resonates with job seekers will result in a broader array of high-quality applicants who connect to your company’s values and will add value to your workplace.

Build a More Diverse Hiring Process in Western New York and Atlanta

Taking the steps above can be the catalyst in attracting diverse talent to your team, adding significant value to your workforce. Is your team lacking diversity? Expand your talent pool with Durham Staffing, a temporary employment agency based in Buffalo, NY.