How Can You Find Great Millennial Clerical Candidates?

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Many employers with a need to fill clerical positions, unfortunately tend to overlook the millennial generation in their quest to find qualified workers. Believe it or not, Millennials bring an entirely different set of qualifications to the table than their generational predecessors – which can have a positive impact on your organization at large.

Making Millennial candidates a priority in your recruitment can be key to tapping into different talent pools and finding top clerical employees. Here are some strategies for finding great Millennial candidates in your recruitment process.

Focus on the Right Traits

It may surprise you to learn that Millennials share many traits which make them a good fit for the clerical industry. While most companies focus solely on experience in the clerical field when searching for candidates, it’s important to consider other traits – including communication, computer skills and social media. Because they grew up in a hyper-connected world, Millennials have the potential to bring a breadth of innovation to your workplace. Redirecting your focus to Millennial traits when recruiting for clerical positions can help you fill these roles with the most productive and forward-thinking workers.

Promote On-the-Job Training

While many Millennial employees have intentions to excel in the workplace, they are often newer to the workforce and will require some training to get up to speed. It’s common for Millennials to seek jobs with formal training programs that will put them on the path to lucrative full-time careers. Ultimately, employers who invest in the training of their employees will attract top Millennial candidates with goals to gain valuable employment experience and grow their careers. For example, developing on-the-job training programs or mentorship programs can make your organization more appealing to ambitious Millennials looking for clerical work.

Highlight Company Culture and Benefits

Even Millennials seeking temporary clerical jobs want to be part of a company culture that values them not just as workers, but as human beings. For clerical job openings, go beyond the basic job descriptions and make a point to highlight your company’s culture and benefits. The Millennial generation is known for seeking employment where they can make a greater impact on their communities through their work.

For example, if your company is involved in community service or annual charities events, these are initiatives you’ll want to educate candidates about within your job descriptions.

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