How to Share Fun Facts About Yourself Throughout the Job Hunt

Ever feel like it’s hard to loosen up and express yourself during the hiring process? There’s no denying it can be difficult to strike a balance between professionalism and humor, especially during interviews. While it’s certainly an art, mastering this balance is not impossible and can help you land a job!

Here are some tips to keep in mind when sharing information about yourself throughout the hiring process.

Don’t Go Overboard

Ever hear the phrase, “Everything in moderation?” Well, it certainly applies here! No matter how comfortable you may feel with an interviewer, it’s important you don’t go overboard in sharing too much of your personality or humor. When sharing something, it’s important to remember these three things: Make sure what you’re sharing is honest, interesting and relevant. Typically, finding opportunities to make connections between your skills and personal life is best. For example, do you play a sport for fun? You may bring up teamwork as a transferable skill that can be applied to the workplace.

Be Conversational

Personal aspects are best expressed in a conversational manner under the right circumstances. During an interview, you may be asked what you’re passionate about. You can use this opportunity to connect an interest or hobby to a career goal. For example, are you interviewing for a retail position? Perhaps you may discuss your love of fashion and why a retail job is a great fit for you. Taking a conversational approach will show you have strong communication skills and emotional intelligence when speaking about yourself in professional settings.

Express Yourself in Your Cover Letter

Your cover letter is one of the few parts of the hiring process that is in your control. While cover letters should be professional by nature, they do present a chance to provide some personal insight into your background – and why a job is a great fit for you. For example, if you’re applying to a company that values giving back to the local community, you may discuss how your community service work aligns with that of the organization. Drawing on these connections will show the employer you’re not only a fit for the job – but also for their culture.

Looking to Land More Interviews?

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