Four Winning Resume Tips for 2019

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Whether you’re on the job hunt or preparing for an upcoming career move, getting your resume ready is first on the to-do list! Even if you feel as though your resume is good to go, there’s always room for improvement. Additionally, if you have been applying for jobs and not hearing back, reviewing your resume is key as you should make sure it showcases what makes you a great applicant!

Once you’re ready to start applying for jobs in Buffalo, you’ll want to check out these four winning resume tips for 2019.

Format Comes First

The best resumes are those with clear, simple formats that are easy to read with bolded sections and title headers. As you format your resume, lay out sections in an organized manner so your information is broken down by employment, education and the like. While there’s no central font for resumes, it’s best to stick with san serifs fonts that are generally easy to read. To make sure your sections stand out, consider making the font of your headers slightly larger and bolder than the rest of the text.

Highlight Your Most Relevant Skills

Because most hiring managers will quickly scan your resume, it’s essential they can quickly grasp of your skillset without having to dig too deep in the trenches. Including a bulleted section of skills at the top of your resume can be an effective way to get your best skills noticed quickly, helping hiring managers identify you as a qualified candidate before reading on to learn about your experiences.

In addition, think about the skills that are most unique to you as a candidate. For example, do you have a proven track record of solving problems, developing new initiatives or enhancing an organization’s customer service department? Rather than listing a generic set of skills, think about what you specifically have to offer to the workplace.

Demonstrate Your Impact

The best resumes accurately convey your value to potential employers. In your employment history, it’s important to quantify your achievements and explain the direct impact you had on organizations through your former roles. While you can effectively communicate your performance through metrics, you can also cite things like cultural improvements, special projects or customer growth. Anything that shows how you directly contributed to the organization and its bottom line is key for showcasing your value.

Get Rid of Irrelevant Information

When it comes to an effective resume, less is more. As you refine your resume and make updates, it’s essential you cut down on content that is no longer relevant to you as a candidate or your industry. For example, if you’ve been out of high school or secondary school for a long time, it’s safe to say you can remove any details about extracurricular activities, internships or honors.

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