Why It Pays to Promote Health and Wellness with Your Employees

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Most leaders know their employees are their greatest asset; however, many fail to emphasize the connection between health and organizational success in their workplace. Your employees’ physical and mental health can impact every aspect of your company from your culture to your bottom line.

Developing a holistic culture that encompasses healthy living is one of the most effective ways to promote workplace wellness while setting the stage for greater organizational success. Here are some of the reasons why it truly pays to promote a culture of health and wellness.

Greater Job Satisfaction

Employees who can incorporate health and wellness into their daily work routines are generally happier with their employment. Not only will they find it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle but will appreciate the opportunity to maintain healthy habits during the work day.

Because many individuals struggle with healthy living, employees will welcome the benefits that come along with a wellness culture, such as onsite fitness classes, healthy food options and smoking cessation programs, among many others. Making a healthy lifestyle easy and accessible is sure to keep your employees happy. The happier your employees are, the less turnover costs your organization will have to endure in the long run!

Improved Employee Productivity

Implementing healthy activities and emphasizing wellness within your culture helps your employees avoid burnout and work more productively. When employees feel their best physically and mentally, they will bring more energy to their jobs and perform their tasks more efficiently throughout the day. Employees will also be more productive simply from being less stressed! Physical activity has a direct effect on reducing stress levels, allowing employees to achieve a better work-life balance and prevent burnout. Creating an atmosphere in which your employees can be as productive as possible will ultimately save your organization both time and money, allowing you to maximize your workforce.

Enhanced Company Reputation

Promoting a culture of health and wellness can elevate your company’s reputation in your community and industry. Companies that are committed to the well-being of their employees are perceived as being innovative and forward-thinking employers that invest in their people both professionally and personally. Developing a culture that’s focused on helping employees achieve optimal health will become the building blocks for a positive organizational reputation – helping you attract more top performers!

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