Identifying a Candidate’s Ability to Learn New Skills

Are you looking for new ways to find workers with the potential to grow and learn new skills on the job? Finding top-quality candidates is hard to come by these days, especially as unemployment rates continue to go down. Understanding the importance of hiring employees who are driven to succeed is crucial for building a progressive workforce and evaluating candidates’ desire to learn should be a priority for all employers throughout the hiring process.

Here are some of the ways in which you can gauge a candidate’s growth potential and aptitude for learning new skills.

Look for Resume Keywords

As you review a candidate’s resume, there are certain keywords that can indicate a drive or motivation to learn on the job. Some of these words or phrases may include “benchmarked,” “taught,” “passion for learning,” and “training,” among many others.

These types of keywords can reflect a candidate’s desire to learn and acquire new knowledge or skills in former jobs, which will often translate to their potential performance at your organization. As you identify keywords, consider asking candidates during interviews to elaborate on their previous initiatives and explain what motivates them to seek professional growth on the job.

Give an Online Assessment

One of the best ways to assess a candidate’s potential to learn is by having them complete an assessment or ask how they would solve a certain problem during the interview. In this stage, ask the candidate to explain if they’re interested in pursuing additional learning opportunities on the job or on their own, and why.

Depending on how a candidate answers this question, you’ll get a strong sense of their commitment to advance within your organization and maximize their own potential. Along these lines, you can also ask questions pertaining to candidates’ weaknesses and how they plan to work on improving in these areas.

Inquire About Professional Development

As you interview candidates about their educational backgrounds, there’s a lot of value in inquiring about professional development they’ve sought beyond the classroom. Rather than focus solely on their high school or college degrees, ask them about all the types of education and certification they’ve experienced.

For example, have they taken any online courses or participated in industry-related seminars or conferences? Asking candidates about the ways in which they’ve expanded their skills will help you understand their desire to engage in continued learning.

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