Don’t Get Fooled Again: How to Discover a Candidate’s True Value

durham staffing candidate interview assessment

With today’s talent shortage, many hiring managers are constantly trying to recruit the best candidates to avoid turnover. While there’s no magic formula, there are some attributes hiring managers can look for in candidates to assess their true value and determine whether they’re a good fit.

Knowing what to look for is the first step to hiring individuals with the potential to grow on your team. During the interview process, here are some things to look for in candidates so you don’t get fooled again.

The Best Candidates Are Informed and Engaged

A candidate who’s a true fit for your organization will be someone who’s done their homework and is excited about the potential opportunity to join your team. Candidates who have researched your company’s mission and culture will be easy to spot – they’ll likely come braced with knowledge about your organization and interested in learning more about your services or products. They’ll also likely be able to demonstrate how they’d specifically be a good fit for your workforce. For example, do they enjoy being part of a team-oriented setting? Are they interested in playing a role in your organization’s growth? Genuine interest and excitement are true indicators of a candidate who isn’t just looking for a paycheck but wants to be part of your team.

Top Candidates Communicate Openly and Honestly

Candidates who demonstrate open and honest communication are the best types of workers for many reasons. First, what you see is what you get. Candidates who know themselves inside and out will be able to articulate both their strengths and weaknesses, showing a high level of self-awareness.

Generally, this type of self-awareness – often referred to as “emotional intelligence” – is a vital skill for success in the workplace and one that every top candidate should possess. Second, effective communication indicates a high level of professionalism and maturity. Candidates who are responsive throughout the hiring process will likely be reliable workers you can count on to show up on time and fulfill their responsibilities in a productive manner.

Top Candidates Offer Their Own Ideas

While candidates should certainly not overstep their bounds during an interview, a top candidate should offer some of their own original thoughts and ideas regarding how they could contribute to your organization. For example, what have they accomplished in previous roles that could be implemented in the new position? How can they specifically add value not just within the job, but to your company at large? It’s fair to say that a candidate who’s forward-thinking and presents their own ideas will be somebody who’s invested in making a positive impact on your organization.

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