Five Tips for Running a Proactive Job Search With a Recruiter

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Have you recently started working with a staffing firm in Buffalo, NY on your job search? If you’re serious about landing a new job, it’s not enough to enlist the help of a recruiter and simply hope things work out.

To maximize your job search, you must invest time and effort into developing a productive relationship with your new recruiter. As you embark on your search for employment, check out these five tips for staying proactive and ahead of the competition.

1. Research interesting jobs in your field.

Failing to do some research and self-reflection will only lead to disappointment and unfulfillment in the long run, forcing you to return to the job market in no time. Half the battle of finding a new job is knowing what you’re looking for. To build an effective relationship with a recruiter, it’s important to research the types of jobs that appeal most to you. This means identifying opportunities that not only fit your qualifications but consist of work you can envision yourself enjoying. You’ll then be able to articulate to your recruiter the best types of positions for your interests and goals.

2. Learn about target employers through your recruiter.

Learning from your recruiter about their clients’ needs is often the first step toward finding the best opportunities. Because recruiters have pre-established relationships with their clients, they know firsthand the types of qualifications they’re seeking in candidates and can assess whether you fit the bill for certain types of employment.

3. Maintain contact with your recruiter.

Staying in regular contact with your recruiter by phone and email will increase your odds of landing a job. This involves checking in every week to provide an update about your job search, as well as learning about new employment openings your recruiter may have. Regular communication will also give you valuable feedback, as your recruiter can be a source of guidance in helping you improve your application materials.

4. Trust the process.

You’ll gain nothing from wasting your time or your recruiter’s time. If you’re going to work with a recruiter, you should be serious about landing a job. This means fully committing yourself to the application and interviewing process, as well as getting back to your recruiter in a timely fashion. It also means following your recruiter’s advice so you position yourself in the best way in front of potential employers.

5. Stay in communication.

In many ways, your recruiter is your ally in helping you meet both your short- and long-term career goals. Even after you land a position, making an effort to stay in touch can be beneficial as you grow your career and search for new employment opportunities in the future. Additionally, having regular contact with your recruiter may even help you discover higher-paying jobs and accelerate your professional growth in ways you couldn’t do on your own.

Are you ready to work with a recruiter who can help you meet your goals? Get in touch with Durham Staffing, a temporary employment agency based in Buffalo, NY.

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